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Old 06-28-2011, 12:21 PM
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Well, I don't know Aaron, the track is the best place for that stuff I guess but you know the risks. I just don't want to see you attempt that on the street obviously (I'm sure you aren't that type anyway) as I've seen some in the vintage collecting area occur (ie., http://www.specialservicemustang.net...ad.php?p=14201 ). I can say I did stupid stuff before but it was on the track and not with a cruiser, lost camber on one of my Corvettes at 100 mph with the car attempting to make a sudden right turn fortunately into the fence but I recovered the car before it went completely out of control. These things happen and I wouldn't want to see that happen with your car after all the effort you put into it.

Having helped, designed and run EVOC courses at CEVS, even the best controlled environment can have it's perils. We had a strict policy to not run sirens on the course but lights were allowed. It seems that people have a tendency to overdrive their skills with the addition of an adrenalin shot from the sound of the siren especially if they are not trained to do so. So the siren on a straight run might be ok but it is distracting at times to the driver and will have an effect on them.

All in all, I like the effort you make in being a good steward of the SSP as well as the Copcar hobby. Keep up the good work.
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Old 06-29-2011, 02:11 AM
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Another nod to the Colorado State Patrol. First, I'm lucky in that my Camaro was from their era of all-white cars. Second, even though she still has her original spotlights, both are clear. I disassembled the passenger side spot, cleaned it and put it back together to get it to work, but I left it clear (in-service, it was red and flashed). I did purchase a red bulb directly from Unity to use only once I arrive at car shows.

I want to be able to drive an enjoy the car any time I want. That means she will not be permanently marked. I could not find the CSP decals anywhere and inquired when I was personally invited to the CSP 75th reunion by the Major thanks to my friend, Ron. We have to fill out an application that goes to the Colonel along with a letter stating our purpose. There's a background investigation and if approved, they will notify the graphics company that you will be in touch with them. The Colonel signs the letter and it is returned to you.

I got my letter and ordered magnetic markings. The letter gives approval to the VIN on my car, only that VIN is approved and only while I own the car. I purchased the decals. I can purchase more. However, if for any reason the CSP chooses to rescind my letter of permission, *they* own those decals and I don't have the right to display them any longer. I am quite alright in this as long as they support our hobby and support me. So far, they have been great - couldn't ask for more. I just haven't completed the restoration since I got sidetracked with my '82 CHP.

I do have a period correct working Motorola Maratrac radio in my car and antenna on the roof. I took a ham radio class, got my FCC certification and then bought the used Motorola and had local ham radio frequencies programmed into it. The siren and radar unit stay in the house until it's show time. I don't have the light bar just yet. It will be affixed in pretty much the same way Ray has done his Colorado cars - easily removed to transport to shows.

For the 75th Anniversary last year, this car made a round trip TN-CO-TN without any problem, whatsoever, because she was unmarked and solid white. Even though an older car, how many people out there might have thought it was in service? We will never know. I did stop off at the state line w/Kansas to get a few photos of my car at the Colorado welcome sign. I don't regret that one bit. I later compared photos and saw that was the same spot as some in-service shots floating around on the net.

Plans for the CHP do keep it black & white. But I want to drive it around on the weekends now and then. I have antique plates on it which already limit me to weekend driving unless it's a club event, show or going into the shop for service. I may get some static vinyl cling made up with NOT IN SERVICE for the rear quarter windows only because a few of the surrounding agencies have gone back to black & white paint schemes, themselves. After all these years of PDs with white cars, when I finally get a pair of black & whites, this happens. Some events are held in one of those jurisdictions, too. I've driven it once there without incident.

When I get the car fully restored, it will have magnetic markings as well. Not everyone can afford a tow rig and trailer. So she will be a driver and I'd rather not give anyone around here the chance to nit pick. The color alone could cause a problem one day. I sure hope not. For now, that's not the case. I plan to permanently mount the CC1 controller but will create some type of cover plate that slides over the front face. Lights and equipment will be covered up/disabled and the Ruby removed. I'll be getting a clear bulb to keep in there like on my Camaro.

I applaud those of you posting here in what you're trying to do to preserve our *privilege* to own, enjoy and show these cars. Keep up the good work. I want to maintain that privilege as long as I live. I can abide by restrictions, letters of authorization, licensing, etc. Just as long as I can have the opportunity to own my car, drive it and some times show it.

1982 CHP Mustang Coupe, Unit # E870567 **SOLD to chp1982**
1988 Mustang 5.0 LX, Unit # HP 43 (Wyoming Highway Patrol)
1991 Ford Crown Victoria S (Brentwood, CA Police Dept/Cinema Vehicle Svcs)
1992 Chevrolet Camaro RS B4C, Unit # 360 (Colorado State Patrol) **SOLD BACK TO CSP**
1996 Bronco XL 5.8L (California Highway Patrol)
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Old 06-29-2011, 08:20 AM
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Thanks for posting your thoughts, Greg(s).

EDIT: And Greg/Wolfe1013, I got a silly BIG grin on my face when I read the CHP unit number in your signature. I am very happy for you that the assignment card finally showed up! I really thought it had been lost forever.
Bill Jr.

To everyone out there, wherever you are. Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel may be the police chasing you down in their own Mustang!

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