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i had someone lend me one they said was good but when the key is turned on the fuel pump will not shut off.

with mine the fuel pump primes for about 2-3 seconds. when the car died on my in august i started with a coil, there was no spark. then moved to tfi, then to the pip in the distributor. was told there was enough play in the gear that i should get a new one.

at that point was loaned a code reader and could only get KOEO codes. it was showing errors for O2's, BAP, ECT, ACT, MAF. then i found a code reader that displayed numbers instead of counting beeps. so this past tuesday the car ran and idled for more than 10 minutes then blah it dies. starts up and idles around 300 rpm till it dies. ran KOEO after that got 11 - 10 and 11 in continuous memory.

before i posted this the other day i read online about the ignition switch and a recall on them. went to ford dealership and it was changed in 1997. figured i'd give that a shot. $18.18 and no change. the old switch was loose between the metal and plastic. going to find a shop tomorrow and check into reflashing. then look into this encore recommendation from above.

i am no mechanic, i just want it running again or give up after 10 months of chasing gremlins.
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