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Default Differential Rear Axles on Early SSPs

While putting more than 200 miles on 0327 this week, using it as a daily driver, I'm becoming concerned about the differential/rear axle. Sometimes starting out, or on slow turns when starting out, I hear clunking sounds. At speed it is making too much noise and there is a rubbing sound. I want to get everything mechanical in good shape before it goes to the paint shop and this has me concerned.

I know the 82's had issues with the rear ends. My question: What would any of you guys recommend I do to get this diagnosed and fixed? Are there shops that specialize in this? I don't have the knowledge or a hoist to get into it myself, and my regular mechanic shop does great tune ups, smog, and other routine work but they don't like to go off into tangents.
1982 CHP 0327
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