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Originally Posted by kapracing View Post
Any word on the where bouts of the other car? I remember seeing a pic of it years ago. It was really ruff looking and partially disassembled if my memory serves me correctly...

I see the passenger side GT tail light is broken. I may have one, If you need it I'll donate it for this project . I'll check once I get home.
Thanks Bobby! Last I heard was that the other car had been scrapped, but I cannot confirm that.

I could definitely use it. I don't have too many GT parts on the shelves. I know I definitely don't have a taillight.

Originally Posted by MOstang View Post
Congrats on picking that one up. Hopefully the seller wasn't as flaky to deal with as it seemed through the various posts on multiple forums would have suggested.
Thanks Mike. He was not. Tony was very quick to respond to my calls / emails as we worked out the deal.
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