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Originally Posted by FoxChassis View Post
This list is for 1989 - 1993 only, as that is where the majority of "special" paint color codes were used on the door tag and buck tag. I have only seen one before '89 (an '85 CHP).
After reading and responding to Sam's question, and looking back at my original post, I now realize that I should not have said that I had seen "special" paint color codes on '85 door tags.

I had gotten that info from spreadsheet I created (HERE), and 85 CHP #8395 shows special paint codes, even though that's not what was on the door tag (probably only 1C is, like the rest), but rather WT0046 and 1C was on the DSO buck tag.

After looking at available documentation from other CHPs in the same batch, their codes are as I have posted in #3 above.
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