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Growing up in Miami, I remember these cars when they were in service. I have had a love for the FHP cars since I was a teenager.

Plans are to replicate the condition of the car when it was in service as best I can. For me, that means obtaining as much history as I can and equipping the car as closely as possible to when it was in service being used by trooper Hidalgo. I plan to drive the car to let it be seen and to take it to cruises/car shows. Not planning to do a restoration, but rather, a preservation. I'm not trying to win any trophies or anything like that, just want to get the car out there and let it be seen and appreciated as a piece of automotive history.

What makes these cars so cool to me is the history, the stories, and the people who used them as a tool to do a job.

Immediate plans are: to track down and confirm the unit number and round up the few stock pieces needed to replace the aftermarket pieces. It has exhaust mods, lower control arms, msd wires and under drive pulleys. Other than that, the car is stock, with the exception of the chipped FHP computer. Interesting is that it has black marker writing all over the computer. It says "lab use only", "tester", "49 state emission OK", "12-15 HP Boost", and some other numbers I can't read because they have faded too much. Trooper Hidalgo told me the whole (very interesting) story about that chipped computer when I spoke with him....I then went a pulled the computer to see if it had a chip after talking with him. I was very surprised by what I found......a detail that confirmed that this car was in fact trooper Hidalgos.
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