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Default Daily Chat Thread

I have looked into the option of adding a vBulletin ChatBox to the site that is similar to one used at another Mustang site where I am an Administrator. The problem is that the ChatBox can become a porthole for unscrupulous hackers to attack the site. So in the absence of having a ChatBox, I thought that I would give this idea a try. It is just an open-ended thread to chat about anything on your mind. If you are at work, a post whore, or just bored then this is the thread to talk about anything under the sun. It can be SSP-related or not, but keep it clean and avoid all talk about politics and religion.

I'll start off -

I heard that my 85 SSP spent an extra day on the frame rack to get the front end back in spec (it was pushed over/back almost 3 inches!). I was told that I should have the front unibody sheet metal welded on the seams on the tire-side (out of view) to help strengthen the area since it was tweaked so hard. The floorboard cracks will get welded and ground smooth at the same time. Is there anything else I should consider having done while the car is apart to make it more rigid without being detrimental to its overall value?
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