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Trooper hidalgo confirmed that the car I have is his old car. He recalled the accident history and timelines that match the carfax and auto check records exactly. He also gave me additional details that further confirm definitively that this 89 was his car. Pretty cool. He serviced Miami with trooper brown who previously had unit 432. Trooper brown told the previous owner of 432 that the other LoJack car at the time was driven by trooper hidalgo, who actually had the first LoJack equipped unit. Speaking with trooper hidalgo directly, he advised me that he did in fact have the first LoJack car (his 1989), told me how he got the car and that trooper brown had the second LoJack car ...the only two at that time. He indicated that they were the beta testers and both worked Miami, trooper hidalgo being in troop E. Neat history....

I called dhsmv with two case numbers and they told me they only keep records back 10 years.

More to come...trooper hidalgo is looking for any old in-service pics...
1993 SCHP, terminator drivetrain, in-service appearance restoration underway..
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