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Originally Posted by FoxChassis View Post
All years done.

That is a mirror of the decoder on this site except it will now also indicate known info. For example, for 1982 CHP VIN 1FABP10F7CF213064 it will say Confirmed as: California Highway Patrol, Unit #E870204 and then do the normal VIN decoding.

I can remove "Confirmed as", or put "SSP" after the agency, etc. Just let me know.

Throw some VINs at it and see if anything funky gets returned. When we're satisfied that it works as intended I give the changed modules to Mike for this site.
I tried a few VINs and it worked fine. Well done! I assume once the proper code is added to our site that future additions to our Project will automatically work with the decoder, right?

If it was determined to be a good idea, would it be possible for the "results page" on a SSP to show a link to the car's page in our VIN Project?
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