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Originally Posted by John10608 View Post
Well, what I also meant was, Ford dealerships do not have any oem parts for these cars any longer.
One somewhere may have one or two pieces stuck back away somewhere, But you can not get parts through a dealership for these cars any longer.
Out of stock.

I have tried several times several different parts. I just go to
hrough LMR
Good luck
I just ordered a pair of drip mouldings for 87-93 cars. My dealer got them both in two days. 64.99 apiece. One side is still available, the other is obsolete. He was still able to get it quickly. There are many many parts for these cars still available from Ford.

They don't carry many parts for new cars on their shelves either, they just order it and have it shipped. for instance the same dealer didn't have ANY oil for my GT500 in stock. Had to order it. It was delivered the next day.

I have bought tons of stuff from LRS and other vendors, but the FIRST call I make is to my Ford Dealer.

the remaining three.

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