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Steve 07-23-2019 02:14 PM

Shotgun Rack for 1982 CHP SSP
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0327's restoration is on the home stretch now. In a few weeks the interior will be done, then it will be time to install the CC1, MPA-2, scanner, and SG rack. I'm still trying to get a correct SG rack. This is (another) one of those occasions where I wish somehow I had paid more attention to these kinds of details back in the day, but now 37 years later they are important.
Posts online pointed to Santa Cruz gunlocks LLC as a source. I have been corresponding with their sales manager, Johnny, and he has been very responsive and helpful. They still make electric-only gun locks, and have a complete "universal" SG rack kit called SC-920-1. I've attached the first page of their info sheet.
What do you guys think? Does this one make any sense for an 82? I know the microphone mounting and Roxster stuff would need to be added.

NoDrama43 07-23-2019 08:31 PM

Steve...these were all fabbed up in house by motor transport. There are several restored cars with right configuration. Someone should come along with information .

The 82 on ebay has a SG mount in it. You might take a look at the pictures or contact the seller.

Steve 07-24-2019 05:04 PM

Thanks for the info, Jim. I located one that looks correct; it doesn't have the notepad holder, microphone bracket, lock, or Roxster but I can add those pretty easily.

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