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91Notchback 10-13-2015 08:39 PM

Foxtoberfest 2015
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Fox Mustang Restoration
105 Pine Forest Rd
Locust, NC 28097
Saturday, October 24, 2015 9am-3pm
Register today and bring out your SSP Foxbody!

28HopUp 10-14-2015 01:20 PM

If you go, please take and share pictures. :)

91Notchback 10-14-2015 04:23 PM

I'll try. I'm not the best at posting multiple photos on forums yet. I will try to post up links to some of the SEFB photos that are posted on their site also. If thats Ok. Are their many members in the Charlotte, NC area on here? It was cool to see a large SSP turn out at the 50th last year. I hope maybe for 2016 their could be a bigger SSP turnout for this event (I think we had on marked car from Landis, NC PD and an unmarked NCSP car). Its always mid to late October if you want to mark your calendars. I meant to post this earlier and just forgot.

dougphillips48 10-21-2015 02:50 PM

I'll be there this Saturday. Last year they had over 250 fox-body Mustangs, and they're hoping for more this year. I believe there might have been three SSP's there last year. If anyone's in the area, its a great show.

NoDrama43 10-21-2015 05:16 PM

I would love to go to this one next year but will probably be in Idaho till mid november

91Notchback 10-25-2015 10:05 AM

Doug what was your number on your Foxtoberfest sticker?

91Notchback 10-25-2015 10:13 AM

Here is a link to JDSMotprsports' Photos from Foxtoberfest 2015. We had a great turn out. Over 300 Foxbodies! I think their was 6 SSP cars in attendance (counting the NCSHP Fairmont).


urustyone 10-25-2015 10:29 AM

Very cool pics! Looks like quite the assortment, and awesome weather that day. :2thumbs:

FoxChassis 10-26-2015 07:57 AM

NCSHP Fairmont? Where was that?

If you're talking about THIS car, that is a FHP LTD.

91Notchback 10-26-2015 01:27 PM


Originally Posted by FoxChassis (Post 51647)
NCSHP Fairmont? Where was that?

If you're talking about THIS car, that is a FHP LTD.

My bad. You are correct. I forgot the changed that model in 1983, they have the same look. I was also was wrong on the state. Thanks for catching that.

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