1983 GSP Mustang, 1 of 10 ordered by Georgia for the first year these were available. These were 4 speed cars, as an automatic wasn't available in 1983. GSP ran these as slicktops. Most of the later GSP Mustangs were ordered with automatics. Popular Mechanics photo.

1987-1989 GSP Mustang, with the Whelen Edge lightbar. E. Prince photo.

1990-1991 unit, with a nice shot of the front plate and decals.

Another 1990-1991 shot. This one shows the typical antenna arrangement on these cars when equipped with a dash camera (antenna for the mic on the drivers side quarter). GSP purchased cameras in the mid-80s, and was one of the first agencies that put them into widepsread use.

One last 1990-1991 shot, but this one doesn't have a front plate. GSP Photo.

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