800 MHz Radio information for Florida Highway Patrol units

    The Florida Highway Patrol did utilize an 800MHz radio system, in addition to the VHF Micor system that the cars were equipped with, starting in the early 1990's. The pilot project, as it was referred to, was limited to Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties, and the system went online in June, 1994. These areas were covered by FHP Troop E, and the southern portion of Troop L. The radios used were Motorola Spectras (Type II, ASTRO SmartZone Digital), and the FHP expanded the system in 1997 and phased more counties in. The transmissions were digitally encoded, and the average person with a scanner was not able to monitor this type of radio traffic. In the areas covered during the initial pilot project, the 800MHz traffic was simulcast on the old VHF system, so Troopers who weren't in cars with the newer equipment could still communicate. As more areas were brought online, this simulcasting still took place, and many of the cars were still equipped with both radio setups. Antenna setups for the system varied, just as all other equipment the FHP installed, depending on region and who handled the installation. The Micor-equipped cars still received dual antennas, but an 800MHz antenna sometimes took the place of the small Motorola antenna mounted on the trunk (repeater antenna, since the repeaters weren't used with the new system). The following graphic depicts what regions went online with 800MHz radios, by year and Troop, and can assist you in determining if your car was equipped with both radios, versus only a Micor.

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